Family Gathering Denver 2005 (Uncle Bill, Hanshi Ron Carlson, Loa Shr Wayne Welsh, Guru Conrad Bui, myself)
Amazing men and martial artists (first four anyway :)

Myself and Uncle Bill

Myself and Guru Scott Sobel                                                                     Guru Bhati and Myself

Cindy Chung, Myself, Datu, Sino Chung and Robert Covelli at a Datu Worden Seminar in October 2004

Mike McGuire, Datu Kelly Worden and Dianne Cooper (The biggest contributors to martial arts  I know)


Myself with Datu Kelly Worden at a Rising Sun Seminar and Rob Covelli at Saskatoon Seminar

DeThouars Kuntao/Silat Family Gathering in Denver Colorado
Amazing man Uncle Bill De Thouars

Amazing martial artists and men,  Pak Victor De Thouars


Myself and Guru Dr. Conrad Bui     &      Myself and Dr. Andre' KnustGraichen

A man who explains better than I have ever heard before Guru Steven Plinck


Water and Steel Camp in Tacoma, WA
Pictures from the Datu Worden's Water and Steel Camp in Tacoma, an amazing time!!!
Myself With Dr. Brett Jacques(Sambo), Datu and Professor Leonard Trigg(JKD, Lucay Lucay)
All Amazing men with amazing skill!!