Within the last 18 years or I have begun trying to learn and understand the arts of Kuntao/Silat/Arnis. After researching and contacting as well as going to see some of the most serious, as well as the nicest Kuntao/Silat people on the planet, I have decided to make my way down this path. These arts all have many similar lines and come from similar areas. I will try to document my experiences and findings here. I have found this art to be the perfect companion to the art of Kenpo due to its use of buffer zone between you and the attacker. Kuntao, Arnis and Silat close this buffer and use locking, torqueing and close quarter striking and shearing to tear the opponent apart. The locks and holds are means to a very destructive end. There is no locking for submitting the attacker, instead it is tearing him down and consuming the attacks. This has added so much to my skill as well as my teaching that was not there before. New tactical lines have been opened as well as my view of the lines of Kenpo being enhanced. With Kenpo being so physics based it makes it easier to analyze the angles.